NFL Odds Predictions

We have listed our 2012 AFC NFL predictions by division to help you determine which teams could still be playing football in late January or early February 2013 in Super Bowl 47.

AFC North prediction – The Pittsburgh Steelers

This could be the toughest division in the NFL. Any given Sunday, any of these teams are capable of beating each other and it will really come down to which AFC North team can stay the healthiest throughout the season. The Steelers typically do well in the NFL draft and their experience and stellar defense could once again propel this team to the Super bowl.

NFL Odds Predictions

AFC South prediction – The Houston Texans

During the middle of the 2011 NFL season, the Houston Texans looked unstoppable. Watching a Texans game was like watching someone play an NFL video game. Wade Phillips has this defense playing with purpose and Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson are a duo that can not be contained. Injuries plagued this team throughout the 2011 season; however, the Texans were still able to win their division with a 3rd string rookie quarterback and a slew of injuries. Look for this team to dominate the AFC south for years to come.

AFC West prediction – The San Diego Chargers

Consistency has been the main issue with the Chargers over the past few seasons. The Chargers seem to start weak and finish strong and if they can put together a consistent season, the Chargers should easily win the AFC West division title.

AFC East prediction – The New England Patriots

Who says defense wins championships? Tom Brady and the Patriots are capable of putting 40 or more points up on any team in the league and with that potent of an offense, you can’t rule another Super bowl run for this talented NFL team. Whether you agree with the above NFL odds predictions or not you can bet with us or against us at the Bovada NFL online betting sportsbook for all your National Football League wagering for football betting.

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