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Welcome to our list of the best online sportsbooks for online sports betting. Our aim is to deliver the most exciting online sportsbook action to NFL online betting players. Online betting has never been easier or more lucrative than wagering at the below USA online sportsbooks. Have you ever looked at an NFL spread and thought to yourself, “Wow, the sportsbooks got this one wrong.” Believe it or not, football betting sportsbooks publish lop-sided wagering lines all the time and you must be keen enough to take advantage of it.

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One particular game comes to mind that happened a few seasons ago in which I decided to go “All-in” and bet my entire bankroll on one game because in my opinion, the wagering line was blatantly incorrect. The Dallas Cowboys were a road favorite at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7). I wouldn’t recommend betting your entire bankroll on one game because you will eventually get burned. I knew for a fact that the Cowboys would cover the spread. How did I determine that this NFL spread was wrong?

Raheem Morris was coaching his very first NFL game. The Bucs were starting a washed up quarterback in Byron Leftwich. Tampa Bay has one of poorest home attendance rates in the league and Dallas has a nationwide following therefore the home field advantage was minimal. Tampa Bay’s defense had lost several key pieces during the off season and the Cowboys potent offense tends to destroy young defenses.

Betting on the Cowboys to cover the spread on the road was a no brainer and low and behold, the Cowboys won the game 34-21. Although the difference in points was much closer than I had expected, I still won the bet and enjoyed the benefits of being correct in my assessment. If you research the best football betting sportsbooks, you will also be able to exploit these obvious errors by line makers.

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The 2015 NFL season is coming up and this season is sure to be as action packed as any. Teams such as the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots are early favorites to make it back to the Superbowl while teams such as the New York Giants will try to repeat as World Champions. It can be exciting to watch all of the action either live or in TV, but you can spice up the action even more by placing wagers on the outcomes of this year’s NFL games.

Most people do not have a sports book near their home. That is why betting on NFL games online has become so popular in recent years. When you venture into the online sports betting world, you can have Vegas style odds at your finger tips while never leaving the comfort of your own home. Finding the best online sports betting website can seem difficult because you literally have dozens of options.

Take the guess work out of finding the best online sports betting website and sign up for Bovada. Bovada is an online sports book that serves residents of the United States. For as little as $20, you can deposit on Bovada and place bets for as little as $1. Bovada gives you a generous sign up bonus and you won’t have to jump through hoops to get it. When you bet with Bovada, you’ll feel like a winner even before the game is played.

Sportsbook Reviews

This is the section where we review online sportsbooks for sports betting. In the below online sportsbook reviews we want you to keep in mind a couple of things whenever you find yourself reading sports book reviews on the Internet. Firstly, it is better to believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. Just because you read somewhere that a certain sportsbook has slow payouts, or can’t accept credit card deposits does not make it factual. Consider the source before making a judgment. For example, recently one of our visitors to this site joined the Bovada Online Sportsbook and a month later he was ready to make his first payout after getting a decent size balance. The payout was delayed and the player went ballistic and started bad mouthing Bovada in forums about not paying him, and was constantly calling and e-mailing us complaining that his payout was taking forever. At this point we stepped in on his behalf and contacted Bovada regarding the delayed payout. To the surprise of no one the problem was with the player. Bovada explained to us that the player deposited with a credit card but was refusing to submit documentation verifying that the credit card belonged to him, and ID to verify his identity. Bovada is not going to risk losing their license and waiving documentation for some punk kid just because the player said he could not get access to a scanner. This is the point where Bovada asked the player to just take a picture with his camera phone of the documents and e-mail them to them and the player kept refusing. Two weeks later we found out that the player was using his girlfriend’s credit card.

The second thing to keep in mind when reading sportsbook reviews online is that just because a sportsbook was reviewed back in 2008, does not mean those ratings and reviews hold true today. For example, back in the day the BookMaker Sportsbook was on its game and offered great bonuses, wide selection of betting, terrific customer service, and great depositing options. This is no longer the case as of today. See what we did there, we put in today’s date so you know these online sportsbook reviews are relevant and still current. Now, without further delay we will make our way over to our online sportsbook reviews starting with the Bovada Sportsbook.

Bovada Sportsbook Review

As mentioned in a few different sections of our site we really like the Bovada Sportsbook. In today’s review we will be covering the pros and cons of betting with Bovada. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Bovada sportsbook it’s probably because you know them by their former name, Bodog. Bodog was established in 1994 and started out just accepting U.S. players before eventually moving on to opening up offices in Europe, Canada, and Asia. Now Bodog accepts players from all around the world, expect here in the States. Now, Bodog in the U.S. is called Bovada and the name change came in December 2011. Bovada accepts players from the USA. As you will see in this bovada sports review the Bovada sports betting site is giving new players a 50% Signup Bonus, Free Casino Chips, and Bovada Live credits. If you have not heard of Bovada Live yet then allow us to fill you in. Bovada Live is a new betting feature that allows you to bet in real-time. The difference between Bovada Live and other real-time betting platforms is that is gives you more bets to wager on, more time to choose, and is glitch free from any computer or tablet. Check out the Bovada sportsbook today and see what you have been missing with your online sportsbook!

Sportsbook Bonuses

Finding the best sports book for USA patrons can be difficult since there is so much red tape involved with wagering online. Bovada has simplified the process and upped the ante in order to attract the USA market. In fact, Bovada has one of the best sports book welcome bonuses available online today. Bovada will give you a 50% bonus on your first deposit with up to a $250 maximum just for signing up. If you read the reviews written about Bovada, you’ll understand why this site has attracted most of the United States online gambling market. The reviews on Bovada are mostly good and many members are reporting that their cash outs are reaching them within 7-10 business days.

Another big reason Bovada has become the favorite site of American sports bettors is due to their unbelievable customer service. Anytime you need to reach Bovada, you can call them at 1-888-263-0000 and discuss your question with a real live person. This is also a welcome bonus to those who are used to online sports books with inferior customer service. Bovada has upped the ante and most other sports books can’t compete with all the bonuses and the vast array of betting options.