What is Bitcoin? Today we cover all things Bitcoin and the best Bitcoin online sportsbooks for NFL betting. You’ve come to the right place for Bitcoin online betting.

So you’ve heard about Bitcoin or Bit Coin in random conversations but you still don’t really know what it is. Basically, Bitcoin is a currency with it’s own fluctuation like the US Dollar, however you can’t actually grab a physical Bitcoin because it is all online, also known as a cryptocurrency. Some peope call it a digitcal currency but the best example for you to be able to relate to it is like your credit card. You don’t ever actually see your credit card limit or how much you have available because it is all digital. Read this for Bitcoin online betting. Sure you can see your bank statements, but when you are purchasing something online or in a store you don’t physically take something out of your credit card to pay for goods, but rather it is digital.

Bitcoin Online Sportsbooks

Bitcoin works like a credit card online. You have a wallet (Ex. Blockchain.info) that holds your Bitcoin just like you have a velcro wallet that holds your credit cards. Blockchain.info is one of the most recommended Bitcoin wallets and the safest and easiest to setup (less than 3 minutes). In order for you to use Bitcoin you need to get it first. You can purchase Bitcoin using your credit card or bank account at www.coinmama.com. It is also a secure website that is easy to use. If you want to buy $100 USD worth of Bitcoin then that’s all you say and then you will get $100 USD equivalaent sent to your wallet. Once the Bitcoin is in your wallet you can use it at any online betting site that accepts Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Online Betting

Now that you have some Bitcoin in your wallet you can choose one of the best sportsbooks below for Bitcoin betting and place bets. Information on Bitcoin online betting. First, you need to choose a sportsbook and then create an account if you do not already have one. Second, once you are logged into your sportsbook account click on Deposit. On the deposit page you will be asked how much you want to deposit in US dollars. If you want to deposit $100 USD, then the sportsbook will tell you how much that amount is in Bitcoin (based on current exchange rates that can be verified on www.xe.com) that you need to transfer to them. Along with what the converted amount in Bitcoin is at that moment the sportsbook will also provide you with an online address of where to transfer your Bitcoin to. This process is basically like sending somebody an e-transfer or PayPal transfer. It’s quick, easy to confirm, and the funds are available immediately in your betting account. Once the funds are in your account, they are in USD so placing a bet is the same as if you were to deposit using a Credit Card, all bets placed are in US dollars. Once you are ready for your payout, you request it in USD and then the sportsbook sends you the Bitcoin equivalent which you can either withdraw into your bank account, or use a ATM and withdraw cash from your Bitcoin debit card.

What are the best Bitcoin Online Sportsbooks?

Below is a recap of the best online sportsbooks to use Bitcoin at in 2018-2019.

Visit Sportsbook

Bet On NFL Online

MyBookie.Ag SportsbookHow to Bet on NFL Games Online in US and Canada


MyBookie Sportsbook

  • 100% Signup Bonus

NFL Betting Online Sportsbooks

Bovada Sportbook


Bovada Sportsbook

  • $250 Signup Bonus

Betnow Sportsbook Review NFL

Betting on NFL Football Odds

  • 100% Welcome Bonus

NFL Betting Sportsbooks

NFL Internet WageringBet On NFL Games Online

  • $2500 Signup Bonus

Enjoy Bitcoin online betting folks! Take a look around and let us know what you think about the above online sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin deposits and enjoy yourself!