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Ready for some US sportsbooks news? Have you ever looked at an NFL spread and thought to yourself? “Wow, the sportsbooks got this one wrong.” Believe it or not, football betting sportsbooks publish lop-sided wagering lines all the time and you must be keen enough to take advantage of it.

One particular game comes to mind that happened a few seasons ago. This is decided to go “All-in” and bet my entire bankroll on one game because in my opinion, the wagering line was blatantly incorrect. The Dallas Cowboys were a road favorite at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7). I wouldn’t recommend betting your entire bankroll on one game because you will eventually get burned. I knew for a fact that the Cowboys would cover the spread. How did I determine that this NFL spread was wrong at these top USA sports betting sites?

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Betting on the Cowboys to cover the spread on the road was a no brainer and low and behold, the Cowboys won the game 34-21.

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Although the difference in points was much closer than I had expected, I still won the bet and enjoyed the benefits of being correct in my assessment. If you research the best football betting USA online sportsbooks, you will also be able to exploit these obvious errors by line makers.

Is it possible to begin making money with Online Sports Betting especially for the NFL? Some people handicap sports online as a job and while this is certainly a tough way to make easy money, it goes without saying that there is money to be made and the only way to make it to start placing bets. Some sports you should definitely stay away.

For example, many experts say that picking Major League Baseball games and National Basketball Association games are too tough to pick. Remember, each of these teams consists of seasoned professionals and any team can win on any given night. Enjoy these USA betting sites.

The best way to make money with online sports betting. Bet strictly on football games. NFL and College football betting lines are typically easier. Thus, predict because there is more wide spread free analysis available. These two sports are heavily covered by the media and you won’t need any inside information to begin picking winners of football games. Do your homework and pick and choose which games you decide to bet on and you can successful at online sports betting. If you are looking an online sports betting website, Bodog is definitely your best bet.

Well, not necessarily because once you join a great online sportsbook you’ll never have to worry about betting odds or getting a payout again.

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Also, looking for a new sportsbook isn’t all that tedious. For example, you have landed here some how and if you look above you will see our top online sportsbooks according to player feedback as well as our own background research. They say only God has the right to judge, but we have come pretty close to judging the above online sports betting sites for US players.

We have discected sportsbook bonuses, payout options, and wagering odds at a lot of betting sites that accept US players. Once we reviewed all of these sports books we narrowed it down to our top list. From our top list we opened up our rating system to you. Based on what bettors from around the US have told us we have ranked the above sports betting sites based on player satisfaction.

Take a look, take a spin, and enjoy betting at these top USA sports betting sites for American bettors.

The above online sports betting sites for US players. They gone through vigorous testing and scrutiny by many sportsbook review sites. Also, handicappers. From player feedback, to industry watchdog reviews. We feel very confident standing behind the above online sports betting sites based on our own playing experience and betting reviews from players like you. Enjoy these top sportsbook reviews.

There are a couple of websites such as the Pinnacle Sportsbook which are also good for sports betting, however they do not accept players from the USA. The above reviewed sports betting sites all accept players from the USA so you’re safe with any of them. The next thing you have to worry about is which one offers a bonus and betting selection that interests you. Hope you are enjoying this read.

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If you are just looking to bet on the NFL then the Bovada Sports betting site is probably going to be the best for you, however if you are looking to bet on College Football as well then the SBG Global online sportsbook might be your best bet. Then you always have if you are looking for a sports betting site with the best bonus plan.

At Top Bet you get an instant 50% Signup Bonus instantly, then 10% Reload bonuses, and this NFL season they are also going to offer one weekly free bet for every Monday Night NFL game which is something that comes in real handy let me tell you. It doesn’t matter which wagering websites you place your bets at this NFL season as long as you make winning picks! Thank you for reading.