How Do I Bet on NFL Games Online

How do I bet on NFL games online? Looking for NFL betting lines explained? You have come to the right NFL betting site for 2021. Also, Kansas City Chiefs Vs. San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl 54 betting odds.

Welcome to your home for the best NFL online betting sites and bonuses for players from the USA and Canada. Here you will find free NFL betting picks and predictions along with reviews of our top sportsbooks for football wagering in 2020-2021 with NFL betting lines explained.

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NFL Wagering Odds Explained

The above online sportsbooks are the best NFL betting lines explained on sites for Americans and Canadians online today based on player bonuses, NFL online betting lines, customer service, and independent player sportsbook reviews for players from the US and Canada. Please note that the Top Bet Sportsbook and Bovada Sports betting site only accept US players with NFL online betting odds explained and predicted, and we urge our Canadian visitors to visit the SBG Global NFL sportsbook for 2020-2021 NFL Betting.

Find all you need to how do I bet on NFL games online. Check out NFL betting lines explained here. Further to that, Bovada does have certain restrictions on players from the state of New York and Maryland so if you live in any of those states, then the Top Bet Sportsbook should you your #1 online sportsbook for this NFL betting season. Below, further details on how do I bet on NFL games online.

How Do I Bet on NFL Games Online

Bet on NFL Games

The above online sportsbooks can also be used for NFL betting with bitcoin if you prefer not to use your credit card or bank account to fund your betting account. You may refer to the above to bet on NFL 2021 here. Of course all of the above sportsbooks will let you bet with Bitcoin and all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Similar to deposits NFL betting lines explained show you how to bet. Still looking for information on how do I bet on NFL games online? Keep reading.

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New York Jets News

In the latest New York Jets news Gase is angry. New York Jets head coach Adam Gase has a lot on his plate with his team being the only winless team in the league. Even though he is used to the criticism from the fans, he wasn’t too happy to be criticized by his staff, which is what defensive coordinator Gregg Williams did when speaking to reporters Friday.

Secondly, after the team was shutout by the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Gase addressed the comments made by Williams on Friday.

“I wasn’t happy about it, but we talked about it,” Gase said. “Right now, our players are doing such a good job as far as trying to get things righted. It’s just that everything we say, it matters. He understood that we have to set the right example.”

Williams was prompted by a reporter who noted the Jets were allowing 32 points per game. The defensive coordinator replied, “It’s not a very good number — and a lot of it’s not all defensively.”

Furthermore, when asked to elaborate, Williams said, “You’d have to figure it out.”

Gase first tried to downplay the comments, saying, “He was trying to talk about complementary football, all three phases playing together.” However, it did prompt Gase to call a meeting with Williams to discuss it.

Updated Adam Gase New York Jets News

New York Jets News

“I felt like we were good after we talked,” Gase said.

Therefore, Williams isn’t the only one upset with the way the team is playing.

“We can’t wait to the f—ing fourth quarter,” running back Frank Gore said. “We can’t f—ing wait to the fourth quarter to f—ing wait to start playing ball.”

Despite being upset with the team’s performance, Gore defended the embattled Gase, claiming the problems aren’t scheme-related.

“We haven’t done anything well this year at all,” Gase said. “Also, we just hurt ourselves so much. Last year, we trended in the right direction. However, we improved. … This year, we have to figure out a way to improve really quickly, from top to bottom, coaches, players, it doesn’t matter, everybody. We have to get things better.”

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Dan Quinn Fired by Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have fired Dan Quinn. The Atlanta Falcons fell to 0-5 for the season after their loss to Carolina. Matching the worst start since 1997. A few hours after the loss, the team announced that head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff have been fired.

“Decisions like these are very difficult. However, the previous two seasons and start to this one have been especially hard for me. Because of the deep love, admiration and respect I and my family have for Dan, Thomas and their families,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank said in a statement. “For many years, they have represented me, our team, organization and Atlanta with class, commitment and all the passion you would want in the leaders of the team.

“But as everyone knows, this is a results business. I owe it to our fans to put the best product we can on the field. We have poured every resource possible into winning and will continue to do so, but the results of late do not meet our standard or what I’ve promised our fans. Therefore, we will install new coaching and personnel leadership of the Atlanta Falcons at the appropriate time.”

News of Dan Quinn Fired by Atlanta Falcons

Dan Quinn Fired by Falcons

Quinn was in his sixth season with the team and had a 43-42 record with the team. He led the Falcons to the Super Bowl in 2017, but could not regain that level of success, and the team finished with a 7-9 record in his last two seasons.

On Monday, team president Rich McKay, who will assume day-to-day oversight of football operations in the interim, announced that defensive coordinator Raheem Morris has been named the Atlanta Falcons’ interim head coach.

“Raheem is a strong leader and a talented coach that has adapted to a variety of roles since joining the Falcons in 2015,” said McKay in a statement. “He has experience as a head coach and has worked on both sides of the ball. We felt that combined with his connection to the players and coaching staff, which will be an important factor as we move forward in 2020, he was the right person to give this responsibility to.”

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Houston Texans Fire Bill OBrien

It’s official, the Houston Texans fire Bill OBrien after a terrible start. On Sunday, the Houston Texans lost their fourth game in a row, which led a lot of fans to call for the team to replace head coach Bill O’Brien.

Despite the calls for his job, O’Brien acknowledged that he has to “do a better job coaching,” but he added that he can’t concern himself about his job status because he doesn’t “have any control” over that.

“All I can control is what I can control, and I’ve got to do a better job with the team,” O’Brien said Monday. “That’s obvious. And we’re going to work hard to do that.”

Even though many fans are complaining that the Texans struggling because of the offseason moves made by O’Brien, the most unpopular of which was his decision to trade Deandre Hopkins for David Johnson and a second round pick, the Texans had the toughest schedule through the first four weeks, playing the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, before losing to the Minnesota Vikings in their last game.

Update on Houston Texans Fire Bill OBrien

Houston Texans Fire Bill Obrien

While fans are right about the Hopkins trade, because the team is dead last in rushing, averaging 73.5 yards per game, the Texans have a lot of issues that goes beyond that. They have the worst run defense in the league, giving up 181.8 rushing yards per game, they are also the only team that hasn’t forced a turnover through the first four games and need to do a better job protecting Deshaun Watson.

For his part, Watson said he won’t let the team’s 0-4 start get him down.

“At the end of the day, it is what it is,” Watson said. “We’re 0-4. We’ve just got to keep fighting, keep pushing forward, and that’s it. But for me personally, I’m not going to let it take my joy. I’m going to continue to live life, continue to work my ass off, continue to come in here every day and play football. It is what it is.

The 1992 San Diego Chargers were the last team to start the season 0-4 and make the playoffs.

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NFL Betting Strategies How to Find a Trend

Ahead of NFL Week 3 we are going to be looking at NFL betting strategies today. One of the best things about the NFL is that there seems to be stats available for any aspect of the game. Best of all, online sportsbooks give you the ability to bet on various outcomes of the game. Allowing you to parlay your opinions into cold hard cash. The best way to gain an edge on the sportsbook is to diligently look for trends that others might be missing.

Let’s brainstorm the various ways professional handicappers use stats to get an advantage at the sportsbook. Ready?

Handicapping a Coaches In-Game Strategy:

Some coaches purposely play the first half of their games conservatively. This so that they can get their opponents to show their hand in the 2nd half. Other teams seem to be able to adjust accordingly. Also, play a better in the 2nd half. Other teams may find a flaw in their opponent’s defense and simply continue to exploit this flaw over and over.

Top NFL Betting Strategies This Season

NFL Betting Strategies Online

Getting into the head of an NFL coach is a terrific way to create some betting strategies. Tips that produce winning tickets. Go back and think about what a coach is trying to accomplish in each phase of the game. Try to playout some scenarios in terms of how the game plays out. If you are right, you can easily start handicapping specific wagers such as point spread, over/under totals or even who will be ahead at the first half of the game.

You could even find a specific team.  Also, follow that team religiously. Many handicappers focus on a division or a team within that division and listen to every press conference trying to get a hint as to what the game plan might be. Some handicappers suggest some coaches are very open about their intentions because their philosophy is that the opposing team must win the game on the gridiron. Be cognizant of these coaches and think about the various different ways you can use these insights to generate a profit each and every week of the NFL season.

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NFL Betting Stats

Heading into Week 3 we look at the latest NFL betting stats along with NFL betting stats 2019. Past performance may not be a reliable indicator of future results. That being said, going over the data for past football games may provide clues. On how to fine tune your NFL betting strategies. Let’s take a look at the 2019 NFL season to see if we can get a clue as to where we can potentially spot some valuable betting trends.

Team That Didn’t Cover in 2019:

The Chicago Bears was the worst team in the NFL. In terms of covering the spread in 2019. With a record of 4-12 against the spread. The Bears only beat the spread 25% of the time. If the Bears do not improve this year, keep an eye on the spreads of their games. You may find a slam-dunk bet against them in 2020.

The LA Chargers were 4-9-3 against the spread. While tying the spread number 3 times could tip in either direction. The Chargers are expected to be a better team this year. With that in mind, the Chargers are expected to improve in 2020 with key additions on offense and defense. The Chargers may provide value on the point spread. This will be without Philip Rivers.

NFL Betting Stats 2019

NFL Betting Stats 2019

Teams That Covered Frequently in 2019:

It should be no surprise that the Kansas City Chiefs covered the spread more than any other team in 2019. Many analysts believe the Chiefs will continue to build upon their success. Therefore, they may end up seeing some huge point spreads in 2020. One of the more surprising things about the Chiefs if that they lost against the spread, at home, 3 times in 2019. Could the sportsbooks be giving the Chiefs too much credit at home?

Another team that covered frequently in 2019 is the Dallas Cowboys. Look specifically at the Cowboy’s divisional games and you’ll find that they covered the spread 5 out of 6 times in 2019. The Cowboys are largely staying in tact for 2020 so it might be worth looking at the Cowboys’ divisional games when you are looking for teams who frequently beat the spread.

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Guide to NFL Betting Online Week 2

Today we sum up an expert guide to NFL betting online for NFL Week 2. The NFL can seem like one of the most unpredictable leagues to handicap each year. With a bit of research, you can beat the online sportsbooks. With sportsbooks offering more betting options than ever, you can bet specific outcomes in games that will keep your bankroll growing throughout the season. You might be wondering, what are some bets that you can add to your 2020 NFL handicapping playbook?

  • Player Prop Bets

With sports betting becoming less taboo in the United States, it isn’t uncommon to turn on your favorite sports radio station and hear the commentators talk about specific prop bet. Instead of betting on point spreads, perhaps you should turn your attention to betting on individual outcomes of player’s statistics. The good thing about this angle is that you can use fantasy sports knowledge that is widely available to your advantage to help you make some of these decisions.

  • Prop Parlay Bets

Not every sportsbook lets you parlay prop bets. At, their innovative sports betting platform lets you parlay individual prop bets in order to multiply your returns.

Updated Guide to NFL Betting Online for NFL Week 2 Games

Guide to NFL Betting Online

Think about this, let’s say you believe Todd Gurley will rush for over 200 yards against a weak rushing defense. You also believe that Cam Newton will rush for over 50 yards as QB. You could parlay these two wagers at BetOnline and multiply your return.

  • Live Sports Betting

One of the most innovative wagering features to become offered to players in recent years is the ability to bet during the course of the game. Various online sportsbooks will allow you to bet on the outcome of a specific play. For example, if its 1st and 10 and you believe your team will run the ball, many sportsbooks will give you live odds if you wish to bet on the specific outcome of a play. Live in-game sports betting options will only mature as the season progresses.

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NFL Betting Rules

Looking to learn more about NFL betting rules plus officiating rules? The 2020 NFL season will introduce some rather intriguing rule changes. As a sports bettor, you should thoroughly examine these changes. To ensure that they do not impact your NFL betting strategy. Let’s dig a bit deeper into these changes. Also, critically think about how they should shape your wagering strategy.

Automatic Replay Rule:

During the offseason, the NFL changed the replay rule to include extra point and 2-point conversion tries.  Remember that? The rule also lets the officials review a scoring play. One that was negated by a foul or a penalty. This rule could tip the point total in either direction, so when you are handicapping a game, be cognizant about how many penalties the teams you are considering are committing each game.

Kick Offs and Punt Returns:

The NFL has amended the rule concerning the punt returner and the player tasked with returning kick offs. In the past, a player would need to waive his hand in the air to signal for a fair catch.

New Updates to NFL Betting Rules and Rule Changes

NFL Betting Rules 2021

While that’s still the case, the NFL has afforded additional protections to this player by allowing them more time to be a defenseless player. For example, if a player simultaneously catches the ball, doesn’t call for a fair catch and gets immediately tackled, they could be considered a defenseless player therefore earning the kickoff team a penalty.

Clock Manipulation with Multiple Dead Ball Fouls:

The Patriots notoriously manipulated the clock in a 2019 game where they kept getting dead ball fouls that caused the clock to continue to tick. This flaw in the NFL rule book allowed the Patriots to milk the clock, therefore putting their opponent at a disadvantage. The NFL has implemented a rule that prohibits teams from manipulating the clock with multiple dead ball fouls.

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NFL Vetoed Clowney to Saints Deal

Did you hear? The NFL vetoed Clowney to Saints deal. Why? Find out below. The New Orleans Saints tried everything they could to land free-agent defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, but ultimately lost him to the Tennessee Titans, who signed him to a one-year deal.

However, head coach Sean Payton confirmed on Monday that they likely would have signed the coveted free agent. If the NFL hadn’t stepped in to prevent them from doing so.

The Saints had planned on having another team do a sign-and-trade deal for Clowney to help them fit his salary under the cap. Which is a common practice in the NBA. However, the NFL said such a deal would not be allowed.

“We felt like we got close,” Payton said. “We weren’t able to match the money. That’s one of the challenges each year, when you’re going after a player — what type of place do you have. [General manager] Mickey [Loomis] and [vice president of football administration] Khai [Harley] and those guys did a great job of really spending time with his representation. In the meantime, we had a good visit when we went out to see him.

Why Did the NFL Vetoed Clowney to Saints Deal

NFL Vetoed Clowney to Saints Deal

“And it was one thought, just creatively relative to, essentially, having a team sign a player, take some of the financial burden away from the team they trade him to, and essentially then get a draft pick back.”

Payton added that at first, the NFL’s reaction to the deal “was very positive; and then, ultimately, they decided against it. So we move forward.”

According to the NFL Network, the Saints were prepared to send a second-round pick and a player to the unspecified team. However, a source said it never got to the point of a finalized offer, since they reached out to the league for permission first.

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NFL Week 1 Betting

NFL Week 1 betting is officially underway. The Kansas City Chiefs will kick off their title defense against the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football. The game will be played at Arrowhead Stadium and is scheduled to kick off at 8:20 PM. ET.

Texans Preview –
The Texans were 10-6 last season. Good enough to win the AFC South. They defeated the Chiefs at Arrowhead during the regular season. However, lost to them in the Divisional round of the playoffs.

Houston’s offense will look a little different this season because they no longer have wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who was traded to Arizona for running back David Johnson. However, with a healthy Deshaun Watson under center, the Texans will have a chance to get the win.

Defensively, Houston gave up 24.1 points per game. They gave up 37.5 points per game to the Chiefs. Despite their defensive issues, they didn’t make any splashy moves in free agency and will likely struggle defensively in this game.

Chiefs Preview –
The defending Super Bowl champions enter the season with the best odds to win the Super Bowl and will be very tough to beat. They spent their offseason making sure their core will remain intact, giving long-term extensions to players like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Tips for NFL Week 1 Betting Online

NFL Week 1 Betting Picks

They had one of the best offenses in the league last season. Averaging 28.2 points per game, and will once again be one of the best in the league because the team is returning 10 of 11 starters, after losing offensive guard Stefen Wisniewski to Pittsburgh during the offseason.

Defensively, the Chiefs are also returning 10 of 11 starters. With linebacker Reggie Ragland leaving for Detroit in free agency. With Andy Reid in charge expect the Chiefs to be the team to beat in the AFC this season. This is the case.

The Chiefs are favored to win this game by 9.5 points. They will win by more. The over/under on total points scored is 54.5. The Texans were embarrassed by the Chiefs in the playoffs and would love to get some payback in this game. However, they aren’t as good as they were last season and won’t be able to keep up with the Chiefs, who will go on to cover the spread. With the preseason being cancelled this season because of the coronavirus, expect to see a lot of rust so go with the under in this game.

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