NFL Wagering Picks

Determining the best NFL betting picks can seem like a tall order at first glance. When you do your research and find the most favorable NFL spreads, you’ll understand that betting on the NFL is a hobby that can line your pockets with extra cash each week.

NFL Wagering Picks

The first and most important rule on betting NFL games is to never bet on your favorite team. Yes, you read that correctly. The reasoning behind this is simple. We always want our favorite team to win each and every game and successfully betting on NFL games requires us to leave our emotions out of our NFL picks.

Each season, there only seems to be one or two teams that can accumulate more than 13 or 14 wins and unless you are a fan of the Packers or Patriots, your team might have a hard time reaching this milestone. Your individual results may vary but this simple NFL betting guideline will save you a lot of money, especially if you are a fan of a team like the Jaguars or Dolphins.

When researching the best NFL betting picks, always bet on teams with a good defense, a solid running game, and a reliable kicker. If you are betting against a small spread such as (-1.5), teams with the mentioned qualifications will pull through with a win against narrow margin spreads more often than not.

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