2013 Super Bowl Betting Odds

Thinking about picking the Super bowl winner for 2013? There are some obvious and not so obvious favorites for you to choose from. The Packers are the early favorites to win the 2013 Super bowl at 6/1 while the Saints are 17/2 and the Patriots are 7/1.

2013 Super Bowl Betting

However, if you are feeling bold, the 2013 Super bowl betting odds that seem the most intriguing would be the Pittsburgh Steelers at 14/1 or the San Francisco 49ers at 14/1. The old saying rings true, defense wins championships and the New York Giants proved that in the 2012 Super bowl. These two teams could reinforce this old saying by going all the way.

If betting long shots is your thing, your best bet would be the St. Louis Rams at 75/1. With Jeff Fisher taking over the head coaching position, and Gregg Williams assuming the defensive coordinator position, you have the talent and experience on the coaching staff that could take the Rams to the next level. Sam Bradford has shown shades of greatness and with an overall weak division, the Rams could get lucky and get an easy road to the playoffs.

If you thinking about betting on next year’s Super bowl, now is the best time to place your bet. As more and more information comes out about this upcoming season, the 2013 Super Bowl betting odds will be sure to change.

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