NFC East Divisional Betting Odds

As we make our way towards NFL Sunday Week 7, we take a special sneak peak at NFC East divisional betting odds.

The NFC East conference features the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. Each of these teams battling out the regular season in order to determine a divisional champion. When one of these teams win the division, they are guaranteed a playoff game at home. Depending upon their overall finish throughout the season, one of these teams could become a first round by candidate.

The Dallas Cowboys are currently getting +130 betting odds to win the NFC East. The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t far behind as they are getting +150 betting odds. The Giants are longer shots than the two favorites as sports books have assigned +350 betting odds. The Redskins, longest shot of them all, has been listed at +1,000 betting odds.

NFC East Betting Odds

Being that the Eagles and Cowboys are being picked to become the cream of the crop within this division, a scenario could play out where one of the teams becomes conference champion and the other becomes the wildcard, thus setting up a rematch in the playoffs. This can sometimes happen in divisions that feature a lot of talent and the NFC East division could be the division that represents the NFC in the 2016 Super Bowl game.

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