Vikings Rams Wagering Odds

Well, we do not have icloud leaked nude celebrity pictures but we may have something better; Vikings Rams wagering odds for online betting! Okay, this may not be better but at least we can help you win money, whereas those nude celebrity pictures most likely will not. If you followed our pick from last night’s Seattle Seahawks win over the Green Bay Packers easily covering the -5.5 point spread then you are rolling in the dough today. Up next is our NFL betting pick for the Minnesota Vikings and St.Louis Rams game in NFL Week 1.

In the picture below Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks tell the Green Bay Packers to talk to the hand as the Seahawks went on to defeat the Packers by a score of 36-16 in the NFL regular season opener on Thursday night football.

NFL Wagering Odds

The Vikings and Rams aren’t traditional rivals however these two teams from the Midwest have a lot in common and many feel as if this game will be a close one. Although no point spreads are currently being published for Week 1 of the NFL season, these two teams seem to be evenly matched and it is too close to call as far as who will be the clear cut favorite to win this football game.

Needless to say when it comes to online football betting no many would have predicted that the Seahawks would beat the Packers by this much. Also, needless to say, the Rams will be playing this game at home in the Edward Jones dome and many Rams fans are excited about what this team can do. This could be the make or break season for head coach Jeff Fisher and Rams quarterback Sam Bradford. The Vikings replaced their coaching staff and drafted Teddy Bridgewater which many analysts feel could start for the Vikings. The Vikings ended up with 2 first round draft picks in which they chose Anthony Barr and Teddy Bridgewater. Mike Zimmer, who has been a head coaching prospect for years, will finally get his shot at leading an NFL franchise into the Super Bowl. Can he do it in his first season? That is still up for the football Gods to decide.

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