NY Giants At NY Jets

NFL Preseason Week 2: New York Giants vs. New York Jets

These two teams share the same stadium therefore the winner of this match up will have bragging rights throughout the season. The Jets fanbase is extremely excited about the acquisition of Tim Tebow and the hints of running a two quarterback system at the NFL level. Although no team has really run a two quarterback system with any big time success in recent years, most feel like Tim Tebow is a special case and he deserves time on the field along side Mark Sanchez in this NFL matchup.

NFL Matchup

Rex Ryan and Tom Coughlin are polar opposites when it comes to coaching styles. The Jets and Giants are manifestations of their head coaches personality. These two teams will leave it all on the field which means quarterbacks like Eli Manning, Mark Sanchez and even Tim Tebow may be limited to a quarter or two of play. The Jets will want to set the tone for their season by beating one of their biggest rivals. Even as the backups begin to take the field, this rivalry will still mean something because the backup players will be playing for team pride and potentially a roster spot. The Giants will play the Jets at Metlife Stadium on Saturday, August 18th at 7PM EST. In this preview between the NY Giants at NY Jets we pointed out NFL online betting picks and predictions for this New York State rivalry that you can place your bets at the Topbet Sportsbook.

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