NFL Team To Have Worst Record This Season

Which team will have the worst record during the 2012 NFL season?

Unless the Jacksonville Jaguars make a miraculous recovery, the Jags are in danger of having the worst record in the 2012 NFL season. The Jags are searching for their identity and former first round quarterback Blaine Gabbert hasn’t shown that he has what it takes to be a star in the NFL. There aren’t any special players on the Jags defensive squad. Unless the Jags pick up some stellar talent in the NFL draft, high powered offenses will have a field day with the Jag’s defense.

Mike Mularkey, the former offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons, will be the new head coach of the Jaguars. Mularkey has some head coaching experience. He was previously the head coach of the Buffalo Bills and was quite unsuccessful during his reign with the team. He will get a 2nd chance to prove himself although he may have been dealt a bad hand because he will be coaching one of the least talented teams in the NFL. The Jaguars are also under new ownership that has no previous ties to the NFL for these NFL season predictions.

NFL Season Predictions

5 Reasons the Jaguars will have the worst record in the 2012 NFL season:

• New coach
• New owner
• Questions at quarterback
• Minimal fan support
• Tough schedule

Although NFL spreads are never as wide as college football spreads, the Jags have a lot going against them. Unless the Jags have an excellent draft, it would be safe to bet against the Jags this season.

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