NFL Against The Spread

When it comes to betting on the NFL against the spread there are many things you need to key in on if you want to make some good bets and some even better money. Below we will cover our Against the Spread NFL betting techniques and wagering guidelines.

NFL Against the Spread

NFL teams that do well against the spread

Studying patterns within the NFL can earn you a substantial sum of money if you decide to bet on the games. One of the best patterns to research is how teams traditionally fair against NFL spreads. After examining this data, you’ll understand that teams who commonly beat NFL spreads share these 3 common traits:

• Playmakers on offense
• Good defensive play
• Legitimate home field advantage

In 2011, the New Orleans Saints were the best team against the spread. The Saints were 8-0 against the spread at home despite being 4-4 against the spread on the road. Sean Payton and Drew Brees have figured out NFL defenses and the Saints simply play their best football in the Superdome. Betting the Saints at home is sure to be a profitable wager.

Another team worth mentioning is the Green Bay Packers. Against the spread, the Packers were 11-5 while going 7-1 at home and 4-4 on the road. These two teams are built the same way and share all of our three common traits. The money is out there for the taking and the data doesn’t lie. Don’t bet on your gut feeling, use this data to make a smart wager. Load up your favorite online sportsbook and begin wagering on these two teams when the 2012 NFL season begins.

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