NFC North Division Preview

If you are planning on wagering on NFL games over the Internet this season then we suggest you plan ahead accordingly and do your research on which teams are hot and which ones are not this NFL season, or else you will end up getting bent over like Jay Cutler seen below.

How To Wager

The NFC North is comprised of the Bears, Packers, Vikings and the Lions. It is questionable whether one of these teams will be in the Super Bowl this season. If one of these teams does in fact make a playoff run, it will most likely be the Packers.

How to Bet on NFL Online

The Packers have Aaron Rodgers and their cohesive coaching staff has kept a core group of players together that know how to win. The Bears have a new head coach and it will be interesting to see how this new head coach pans out for the franchise. The top NFL betting picks have the Chicago Bears outshining the Green Bay Packers this season. If you like these odds and need a guide on how to bet on NFL online then read the following NFL betting picks and tips. Jay Cutler has shown that he can play in the big game but he being injured has cost the Bears at key moments of past seasons. The Lions have also faced injury problems with their starting QB Matt Stafford. When Stafford plays, he can be one of the best in the league. When he is not playing, the Lions tend to not win. The Vikings made a surprise playoff run last season and this year, Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson maybe able to turn a new page and win the division outright. If you think you can predict the winner of the NFC north division, log on to and place your bet so that you can profit from your online sports wagering knowledge!

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