Football Betting Bankroll

Since there are a maximum of 16 games per week during the NFL season, you may want to incorporate a different bankroll strategy for football betting as opposed to other sports. Not all football spreads are going to be favorable but if you think on average that you may correctly pick the winners against the spread for 2-3 games per week, you should multiply that times 20 in order to establish the correct number of betting units you may need over the course of a season. With a website like Bodog, you can start with as little as $20 and use $1 bets in order to stay within a bankroll strategy. Ideally, if you won enough bets to double your bankroll, you could change your football bets to $2 bets and still be betting within the correct bankroll guidelines.

Ideally, you would want about 20 betting units in your reserve in case you go on an unlucky streak and begin losing games that you would normally win. The reason we have come up with the number 20 is because there is 17 weeks in an NFL season and on average 3-4 weeks of post season play. If you are a profitable NFL handicapper and you win more than 50% of your bets, you shouldn’t ever go broke using this simple bankroll strategy. Regardless if you start out with $20 or $2,000, keep this strategy in mind when betting on the NFL and you will have success over the course of the season.

Football Betting

Although if you’re the guy in the above picture it doesn’t matter whether you are winning or losing your bets if you have a woman like that willing to watch football games next to you! Or it means winning your football bets is a must if you want to afford to keep a chick like that. Happy football betting friends!

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