Sportsbook with No State Required

When you begin betting online, you may notice that some sportsbooks require you to specify the state in which you live in to complete your account registration. Sportsbooks that require no state may be beneficial to you, given the fact that some states are ineligible to register for popular sportsbooks such as Bovada. Let’s take a look at some of the sportsbooks with no state restrictions or banned states for registration.

NitrogenSports Sportsbook

Ready to start betting on sports completely anonymously? NitrogenSports gives you the ability to begin betting on sports with Bitcoin while providing you with a safe and trusted sportsbook experience. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet to begin betting on sports online.

Sportsbook State Restrictions

BetOnline Sportsbook

While BetOnline allows you to select the state in which you live when you first sign up, there are no state by state restrictions when you begin betting online at BetOnline. Since BetOnline has decades of experience in the online bookmaking world, BetOnline is probably the most trusted name in all of online sports betting.

DirectBet is a revolutionary concept in which you get to directly bet on the game using your Bitcoin wallet. Since all of your funds are directly debited and credited from your BTC wallet, DirectBet gives you the ability to get money deposited directly into your BTC account as soon as you win your bet. Since DirectBet focuses on anonymous betting, DirectBet is a good option for not having to enter your state when you sign up.

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