Alshon Jeffery Blames Himself For Eagles Loss

Alshon Jeffery is upset. The Philadelphia Eagles will not get a chance to defend their Super Bowl title after falling to the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional round of the playoffs. The loss not only meant the end of their playoff run, it may also be the last time backup quarterback Nick Foles put on an Eagles jersey.

With that said, after the game, wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, who tipped a pass that was intercepted in the final seconds of the game, blamed himself for costing his teammates a chance to win the game.

“That’s on me. I’ll take that loss. It’s on me,” he said. “I let my teammates down, the city of Philadelphia, that’s on me. I’ll take that.”
Even though the play led to the Saints sealing the win, Jeffery’s teammates feel he is being too hard on himself and credited his play for helping the team win the Super Bowl last season.

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“He’s one of the best players on this football team. That game wasn’t decided by that play, number one,” Ertz said. “Two, we wouldn’t change the playcall. And three, we’re not in this situation without him. That’s the bottom line. He is one of the best receivers in the league. There are not many guys who are able to make plays continually like he does. Does he catch that ball 99 times out of 100? Yeah. [Does he catch it] 999,999 out of a million? Yeah. It’s tough to end like that … but he should know that play didn’t decide this game.”

Furthermore, right tackle Lane Johnson also backed up Jeffery.

“There’s nobody that works harder. The guy has broken ribs and toughed it out for his teammates. He doesn’t have to say nothing. We had plenty of opportunities to win this game. It’s not one guy’s fault.”

Even though he is upset about dropping the pass that could have led to the game-winning touchdown, Jeffrey remains optimistic about next season.

In conclusion it wasn’t his fault. “It happens to the best of us,” Jeffery said of the drop. “We move on. It hurts right now, but I guarantee you we’ll be back next year, for sure.”

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