Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Preview

In today’s Pittsburgh Steelers betting preview we will go over one of the most dominant franchises in all of professional sports and which online gambling sites you can place your NFL bets with on or against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Preview

The Pittsburgh Steelers are always dangerous during the playoffs because they seem to win Superbowl championships when no one gives them a chance. When you have players like Ben Roethlisburger running the offense, any play can potentially become a touchdown. There is a common theme among teams who get the Superbowl; Superbowl teams always have good defenses. Since the staple of the Pittsburgh Steelers is their defense, you never count out the Steelers to make a surprise Superbowl run. The online sports books know this and that’s why they have set the line at 18/1. Betting on the Steelers to win an unprecedented 7th Superbowl championship would be a way to a show your Steelers pride and make some extra money on the side. If you have an extra $20, get yourself a Bodog online sports betting account and load up your account and bet it all on the Steelers. If the Steelers do win, you’ll earn an impressive $360 payoff and Steelers nation will rejoice in being the most successful franchise in NFL history.

The Steelers will compete fiercely in their division because they are rarely beaten at Heinz field. You can expect the Steelers to finish with at least 10 wins and a playoff appearance during this upcoming NFL season. When you are looking to place your NFL bets this season it is important that you find the top online gambling sites to wagering with such as the SBG Global online sportsbook for all your NFL bets this season.

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