Peyton and Eli Manning

Peyton and Eli Manning have their father to thank for their amazing football talents. The Manning brothers were groomed to become big time NFL quarterbacks since they were wearing diapers. Now that Eli Manning has two Super bowl rings and Peyton Manning has one, many analysts are wondering who the better of the two Manning brothers is.

Peyton Eli Manning NFL

Indianapolis’s disaster 2011 season reinforced the fact that Peyton Manning could be the most valuable player in the league, even though he didn’t play one snap the entire season. Without Peyton Manning lining up behind center, the Colts quickly became one of the leagues worst teams overnight. Peyton Manning’s unique style of quarterbacking helps distinguish himself as one of the best offensive minds to ever play the game. He calls most of his plays at the line of scrimmage and he has one of the quickest releases in NFL history which helps keeps him protected while confusing most defenses.

Eli Manning is just as valuable to the Giants. The Giants came from behind to win the game in the 4th quarter 8 times in 2011 including the playoffs and the Super bowl. This astounding number shows that Eli Manning is one of most composed quarterbacks in NFL history. Archie Manning must have instructed the Manning brothers how to perform under pressure at a very young age because nothing seems to shake Peyton & Eli Manning.

We know what can happen to a team when one of the Manning brothers is out of action. The Giants would probably suffer the same disappointing results if Eli Manning were out for the season. The Manning brothers’ talent and experience levels have helped them take their NFL teams to the next level. There is no doubt that each of the Manning brothers will find themselves enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame.

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