NFL Draft Trades

Well the NFL draft day has come and gone and many rumors are speculating about potential NFL trades. When you are thinking about the teams who will have the most success this year, you have to think about which teams did best in this years NFL draft. A good draft can put a team on the verge of getting to the super bowl over the hump. Once that team is over the hump, they can continue to reach the Promised Land year after year. Look at the New England Patriots for example, their draft day steal back in the early part of last decade ended up taking them to 5 super bowls!

NFL Draft Trades

Okay so this year’s NFL drafts may not know how to dress worth a damn, however they are extremely talented and should be able to make an instant impact to their respective teams in the upcoming NFL betting season. As always, with the NFL draft we have a lot of NFL trade speculation and trade rumors that come to light, but rarely fruition.

The team that fits this mold is the Dallas Cowboys. Each year, the Cowboys teeter from a team who can win one playoff game to a team who is one game away from the playoffs. The team lacks the IT factor and they certainly made a statement when they drafted their future defensive franchise player in Morris Claiborne. Claiborne can be the catalyst to the Cowboys success because he could single-handedly stop the passing attack that is routinely mounted against the Cowboys by the New York Giants each season. This key defensive piece could be the cornerstone of the next Dallas Cowboys dynasty. If you are betting on the Cowboys this season, you should do so only at

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