NFL Betting Odds

The most common type of NFL betting odds that you will encounter are the moneyline odds. When you bet on a team to win using the moneyline odds, you are picking the winner regardless of the final score.

Moneyline odds can be stated as being positive or negative numbers. Let’s examine the following wagering lines.

Detroit Lions (+100) at Denver Broncos (-120)
Jacksonville Jaguars (-140) at San Diego Chargers (+160)

You may ask yourself, what do these numbers in parenthesis mean? The Lions (+100) means that for every $1 that you bet on the Lions to win the game, you will win $1.00. However, if you bet on the Broncos (-120) to win, you would have to wager $1.20 to win $1.00. In the second example wagering line, for every $1.40 you bet on the Jags to win, you will win a $1. For every $1 dollar you bet on the Chargers to win, you will win $1.60.

NFL Betting Odds

Once the moneyline odds are explained to new sports bettors, it becomes very easy to begin making money by betting on NFL games. Do you feel as if you have an edge at picking the winners of NFL games? See what NFL betting odds are available this season so that you can start earning money by picking the winners using the moneyline odds.

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