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So far this NFL off season there haven’t been any really big moves or signings, and the only NFL news we have been getting have been concerning concussions and bounties. With Junior Seau’s suicide, the the New Orleans losing their head coach for the season and hit with a levy on fines and other suspensions, there really hasn’t been much feel good news. So today in our NFL betting news update we are going to cover the lighter side in this week of the NFL. We will start with Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens who were out in Miami last week training. Both Ochocinco and Owens are teamless as of right now and there hasn’t been much talk around the league that any team is interested in signing the very outgoing and some times controversial wide receivers, and some NFL injury updates.

NFL Betting News

As you may have heard, Chad Ochocinco was let go by the New England Patriots last week, and the week before Terrell Owens was released from his indoor football team which believe it or not, Owens was part owner of. I guess you can fire yourself. Terrell Owens goes into the upcoming NFL season at the age of 38 and although he is confident in his skills, many owners have passed on the aging receiver.

In other NFL news people are hating on Tim Tebow again. All Tebow has been guilty of has been being honest in interviews and gracious for his NFL opportunity, yet many NFL fans and players have found Tebow to be annoying. Most recently it was Teddy Bruschi of former New England Patriots fame spoke out about Tim Tebow. Bruschi is publicly advising Tebow to in not so many words, “shut up”. Bruschi believes that Tim Tebow is becoming a distraction to his new New York Jets teammates in speaking too much to the media and jumping in front of a camera and microphone every chance he gets. We here at NFL online betting like Tebow and his positive attitude and the fact that he hasn’t been jaded yet like other popular NFL celebrities, but Bruschi might have a small point here. We will see how Tebow reacts going into his first season with the New York Jets.

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