Minnesota Vikings Betting Preview

This Minnesota Vikings betting preview will go over how the Vikings stack up with Christian Ponder at the helm, and where to place your NFL bets this season.

The Vikings have some real work to do in order to get back to prominence. While the Vikings are projected to win more games this season than they did last season, it still won’t be enough to get past three of the toughest teams in the NFL when you think about their divisional adversaries. The Vikings have big questions at various spots on the offensive side of the ball including quarterback. If the Vikings have put their faith in Christian Ponder, he will have to mature and progress as a quarterback for the Vikings to begin winning football games. When it comes to wagering at the top U.S. sports betting sites when watching NFL games we like the SBG Global sportsbook for US bettors. If you plan to watch NFL games this season then NFL betting pretty much goes hand in hand so what better sportsbook to bet on NFL games than with the newly redesigned SBG Global online sports betting site for American players.

Minnesota Vikings Betting Preview

The Vikings are currently at 100/1 to win the Superbowl. The uncertainty of this franchise should make you want to stay away from this bet because this team is unsure at head coach, quarterback and many people are uncertain about the team’s ability to stay in Minnesota. The team desperately needs a new stadium because the Metrodome is collapsing and needs renovations badly. When you have this much uncertainty, you shouldn’t be making 100/1 long shot bets. All things considered, if you place this bet and if you are correct, you will certainly enjoy your enormous profit. If you are looking for an online sports book that specializes in NFL betting, may we suggest checking out SBG Global sports betting site? The SBG Global online sports book is known for publishing favorable betting odds and processing quick cash outs.

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