How to Bet on Eagles Online

The Eagles picked up former Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly in the off season and this year Eagles team could shock the NFL if they pull out a winning record and a playoff appearance, dispute the team’s current divide in the locker room because of receive Riley Cooper’s racial comments earlier this summer.

Bet Eagles Online

Currently, the Eagles are picked to finish last in their division. It could be said that the Eagles play in the most difficult division in the NFL. If you are interested in betting on the Eagles to make a Super Bowl appearance, you might be shocked to know that the Eagles are at 40/1 betting odds at Bovada’s sports book. If you are looking for information on how to bet on the Eagles online then note that Michael Vick is one year older and many believe he has not fully recovered from the injuries obtained last season.

Betting on NFL futures wagers is a good way to add excitement to the upcoming season. As your team continues to win more and more games, the odds slowly begin to shift in your favor as a Super Bowl becomes a real possibility. Although the Eagles are considered long shots to win the Super Bowl in 2014, it makes plenty of sense to bet on them in case Chip Kelly is the offense genius in the NFL. The Eagles play at Lincoln Financial field and Michael Vick is the starting quarterback for this franchise. Matt Barkley is the back up and he wishes to compete for the starting quarterback job during the preseason.

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