Football Bets

If you interested in football betting, the only website you should consider is Bodog. This sports book offers the best odds and will give you high percentage deposit bonuses that rival any other sports book you may be considering on the internet. Another big perk is that Bodog pays quickly and they accept deposits by Visa and you can get started for as little as $20.

When you start betting on football, you may want to institute a football betting strategy based solely upon bankroll management. Since Bodog lets you place bets as small as $1, a minimum deposit of $20 will get you the equivalent of 20 bets. If you win your bets on NFL games, you can raise your bet depending upon your bankroll strategy requirements. It is a good idea to use a bankroll strategy so that you aren’t constantly re-depositing during the midst of a bad luck streak. Whether you were a Jets fan before the Tim Tebow signing, or afterwards, or not at all, the below picture of these gorgeous New York Jets fans should help you get on the Jets bandwagon.

Football Bets

Football betting is a fun endeavor and this season is sure to be action packed. When you bet on football games, you are adding an additional dynamic to the fold. You may see yourself cheering for teams you absolutely hate and booing your favorite team when they win but not cover the spread. This is what makes the art of football betting enjoyable. Get in on the action and get an account at Bodog today.

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