Buffalo Bills at NY Jets NFL Betting

NFL Week 1: Buffalo Bills at NY Jets (Please note this is just a recap from NFL Week 1 Betting)

The Buffalo Bills have been retooling during this offseason so that they can become a threat this season. Their first test is on the Road at Metlife Stadium against the New York Jets. The Bills recently acquired Mario Williams along with a slew of draft day talent. Since these two division rivals meet twice a year, the winner of this game should be able to make their own destiny within the division.

Ryan Fitzpatrick will have his hands full as he tries to figure out the complex Jets defense. Darrelle Revis will likely match up with stand out Bills receiver Stevie Johnson as the Jets look to lock down the Bills explosive offense. C.J. Spiller, the Bills running back, will need to step up his game in order to establish the running game thus setting up the passing game.

The Jets will start Mark Sanchez at quarterback but many speculate that backup quarterback Tim Tebow could get playing time as many analysts predict that the Jets will institute some sort of two quarterback system. The Jets have been silent about their plans at quarterback going forward other than Mark Sanchez being the starting the quarterback. It has not been determined if this game plan will change. However, all eyes will be on this game to see if Tim Tebow gets any action on the field. If he does, there might a quarterback controversy in New York when it comes to online sports betting for the NFL season.

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