Bet On The Giants

We think the title of today’s NFL game day post says it all. Bet On The Giants, you know you want to. Everyone is doing it. Everyone loves an underdog, and who better to win Super Bowl 46 at Lucas Oil Stadium other than Peyton Manning’s brother, Eli. Can you smell a movie in the making? Maybe Denzel Washington can play Eli, or maybe not. Eli Manning won’t be worry about that today when he steps onto the field trying to win his second Super Bowl against the team he won his first one against. Maybe the Patriots are Eli Manning’s lucky Super Bowl charm, or maybe Eli is just fortunate enough to have one of the best defenses in the NFL we have seen so far in the playoffs. If you are a fan of the old saying, “offense wins games, but defense wins championships” then betting on the Giants today is a no brainer. Whether you want to bet on the Giants or the Patriots in today’s NFL championship game check out the Bodog sports betting site to bet on Super Bowl 2012 today. The NY Giants, also known as the New York G-Men, are not the favorites today as most online sportsbooks have them sitting at +3 betting odds for today’s Super Bowl matchup but that hasn’t deterred online sports betting fanatics who are betting on the Giants today like this is going to be the last Super Bowl. Whether you believe the world is going to end on 12/12/12 or not, making the decision to bet on the Giants today might just be your best bet of 2012 thus far. Our Super Bowl betting pick would be to take the Giants on the moneyline at +120 betting odds which means a $100 bet on the Giants will get you $220 back into your betting account which is none to shabby considering you got this Super Bowl betting prediction for free! You’ve trusted us with all your NFL online betting predictions and picks this season so why stop now. We’ve made you some good money haven’t we? So how about we close the NFL season off with another win, and that win we hope will come with betting on the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. Check out either the Bovada or Bodog sprotsbook to place your NFL bets online and if you really want to get your adrenaline pumping then check out these guy’s live betting platform which allows you to bet on today’s Super Bowl during the game. Believe it, your can bet on whether the next play is going to be a run, pass, fumble or even interception, how awesome is that?

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