Best NFL Defense

Many football betting gurus tend to bet on offensive minded NFL teams such as the New Orleans Saints or the New England Patriots because these types of teams can crush a marginal spread. While this is a decent football betting strategy, defense wins championships and defense will also win sports bets. Why should you bet on defensive minded teams?

Pressure on the quarterback – With today’s NFL rules, in order to beat a high powered offensive team, you must pressure the quarterback into making mistakes. Errors become turnovers and turnovers become points on the board. When you are betting NFL spreads, every single point on the board matters.

Best NFL Defense

Stopping the run – If an opposing team can not run the ball against a stellar defense, it becomes hard to stretch out the defense by passing the ball around the field. If the team you are wagering on can make their opponent become one dimensional, they will more often than not win the game straight up.

Solid defensive teams maintain 4th quarter leads – How many times have you bet on a team and watched them play excellent football up until the 4th quarter where it seems as if everything goes wrong. Teams such as the Colts minus Peyton Manning, the Texans and the Falcons seem to have bad luck when it comes to maintaining leads in the 4th quarter. However, your more potent defenses such as the Titans, Bears and 49ers seem resilient during crunch time.

You should keep these important NFL betting tips in mind when you are making your weekly NFL picks.

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