Aaron Rodgers Betting Odds

Has Aaron Rodgers’s window of opportunity to win another Super Bowl been closed? You would think with Brian Urlacher retired that the Chicago Bears would be less of a threat to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers but this may not be the case.

Aaron Rodgers Odds

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Is Aaron Rodgers poised for a break out season? It is no secret that players from the Packers franchise are often the best to have on our fantasy football teams because of all of their freakish stats. For many Green Bay Packers looking to bet on NFL online this season, specifically betting on the Green Bay Packers, they might want to slow it down a notch. The main cause for all of these positive stats is all of the offensive weapons available to Rodgers. The Packers are loaded with talent and if you follow this team closely, you can pick up on patterns in the team’s offense and utilize live NFL betting platforms to monetize on the success of this offense.

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