NFL Week 16 Online Betting

Week 16 NFL Odds: Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs

If you are looking to do a little sportsbetting in NFL Week 16 then we have some big matchups which we call our best NFL games to bet on this Sunday.

The Colts and the Chiefs are two of the biggest surprises in the 2013 NFL Season. The Chiefs play a hard nosed style of football while Andrew Luck and the Colts air it out and win games with a finesse offense. When Reggie Wayne was injured, the Colts began to look like a different team. The Chiefs have also shown that they aren’t invincible after losing a few games after their hot start to the season. These two teams are definitely above average and there is a good chance that this week 16 face off at Arrowhead Pond in Kansas City will be a preview of an AFC playoff game we will see in January. Alex Smith and the Chiefs will look to defend their home turf as the Colts come to play on Sunday, December 22nd 2013 at 1PM EST.

NFL Week 16 Sportsbetting

The Chiefs are projected to be the favorites in this NFL week 16 game. Wagering on the NFL using a sports book is a way that many football fans liven up their game day experience. Finding NFL odds online is easy if you are prudent and put in the research. There are reviews available for online football betting websites that cater to USA, Canadian and international gambling patrons.

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