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In one of the biggest games in NFL Week 1 we have the Green Bay Packers visiting San Fransisco to play the 49ers. The last meeting between these two teams was in the 2013 playoffs when Colin Kaepernick used his running power to kill the Packers on 3rd down conversions. So when it comes to betting online NFL for this game we expect the 49ers to win over the Packers.

In today’s earlier games in NFL Week 1 the New England Patriots just barely defeated the Buffalo Bills, the New York Jets barely won their game over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks beat the Carolina Panthers.

The AFC West division consists of the Chargers, Raiders, Chiefs and Broncos. Of the 4 teams, the Broncos are heavily favored to win this conference in 2013 and the Broncos also have favorable odds to play in the Super Bowl representing the AFC which greatly changes the way sports betting odds will be posted.

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NFL Week 1 Betting

The Broncos are led by the legendary Peyton Manning and they have acquired more talent on both sides of the ball thus equipping them for success in this season. The Chargers are led by veteran quarterback Philip Rivers and their team is always known for playing well late in the season. Now that the Chargers have a new head coach, it will be fun to see if this team can get back to their winning ways. For information on how to bet on NFL online we suggest you check out our NFL Week 1 betting review section. The Raiders have some of the worst odds available to win the Super Bowl thus giving them poor odds to even win their division. The Chiefs have improved their team but they may not able to overcome the Broncos. In order to see if the analysts are true, you will have to see how it all plays out in the 2013 NFL season. If you like betting against the analysts, you can do that because this website has one of the most comprehensive sports books you’ll find online.

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