Redskins Release Outspoken D.J. Swearinger

D.J. Swearinger is known for speaking his mind. However, his mouth cost him his job as the Washington Redskins confirmed his release on Monday afternoon. What does this mean for the Redskins? Not much. They are still not a playoff team.

The move by the Redskins comes two days after Swearinger made critical remarks. Comments about defensive coordinator Greg Manusky’s play calling. after their loss to the Tennessee Titans over the weekend, which eliminated them from the playoffs.

Also, according to D.J. Swearinger, he was called into head coach Jay Gruden’s office where he was told he was being released.

“He just said it was the third time I’ve been in his office and we’re going to release you,” Swearinger told co-host Grant Paulsen. “And that was that.

“I don’t have words for this. Had a Pro Bowl year. I was a captain in year one, and this year I thought I improved on everything and I did a slap in the face and get released. Gave it my all and put my heart into it every single week to the best I could. I guess it says a lot about the organization.”

Therefore, before his release, Gruden told reporters he was disappointed in Swearinger.

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“We made it pretty clear that we try to keep our business within these walls,” Gruden said, “and we’ve had many a talk before about that and unfortunately he chose to go to the media again and talk about his displeasure with some of the calls. I know Coach Manusky works extremely hard, as does the rest of the staff, to put together a game plan, and unfortunately we didn’t get it done.”

Furthermore, D.J. Swearinger, who was named a captain last season, said that Gruden and the coaching staff did not want him to be a captain this season because he criticized the team during the offseason.

In conclusion he had this to say. “It’s not rocket science. Why I wasn’t captain,” Swearinger told the show. “I’m a vocal guy, passionate guy that wants to win. If the coaches feel I’m too smart or a weapon as far as my smarts are concerned. They got to release the guy that has knowledge or has respect in the locker room I guess.”

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