NFL Teams Playoff Chances

With the NFL season winding down as we make our way towards NFL Week 12 there are a lot of NFL football betting playoff odds already being posted for future prop bets. If you have a good feeling about your team you can place a bet now that they will make it to a certain point in the NFL post-season and maybe even the Super Bowl if you are that confident.

The anthem for this NFL season can be summed up in one word: “Parity.” If you examine the records of NFL teams, you’ll understand that about half the league is sitting around .500. This means that both wild card spots are completely up for grabs and barring a major setback from the Texans or Falcons, both teams should comfortably win their divisions and secure the number 1 overall playoff spot in their conferences. As it sits right now, the team with the best chance to make the playoffs is the Falcons.

NFL Playoffs

As it stands right now, the Falcons are about a 99% certainty to make the playoffs. NFC teams with playoff chances around the 20-30% mark are the Redskins, Cardinals and Eagles. AFC teams that are on the outside looking in are the Colts, Titans, Jets and Dolphins. With so many teams sitting at .500, it makes it difficult to tell which NFL team has a clear cut chance of making the playoffs for NFL online betting. Since only 6 teams from each conference make the playoffs, this year’s wild card teams will probably be decided on tie breakers and NFL rules dictating how ties for the same end of season record are handled. If you think that one of these teams has a good chance being in the playoffs, you can always earn money from your expert insight by getting an account at and placing an NFL team prop bet at the best online sports betting sites this NFL 2012-13 playoff run.

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