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A quick look at the NFL official website will probably crash your browser because the official NFL National Football League website is full of so much clutter, useless information, and sleazy advertising that it almost literally makes most computers cringe and slow down to a halt. The good news is that unless you are looking to buy some NFL gear you don’t really ever need to visit the site. Instead of the NFL site you can check out most online sportsbooks that have better statistical reporting and analysis, TV scheduling, and up to the minute injury reports from sources on the sidelines as oppose to hearing second hand information from ESPN. In addition to all of this NFL information, online sportsbooks also provide complete NFL online betting odds and lines so that you can get a handle on the game. As you will read below one of the best online sportsbooks for the rest of the NFL playoffs is the Bodog Sportsbook which has listed a full schedule of this year’s 2012 NFL playoffs and what to expect from certain playoff matchups.

NFL Online Betting

NFL Online Betting

Don’t let the above picture of Aaron Rodgers deceive you, he really isn’t that scary in real life. In fact, he is probably one of the most easy going guys in the NFL, as was evident when Brett Favre was playing the Packers-love me, Packers-love-me-not, game a few seasons back. Aaron Rodgers took it all in stride and it has more than paid off. After winning the MVP trophy in last year’s Super Bowl, Rodgers followed up the season with MVP honors in the Thanksgiving Day bowl which was on his personal to do list from season’s past. Now Rodgers will look to win his second Super Bowl in a month’s time, and it will be a back-to-back Super Bowl win no less. Many Packers faithful believe that the Packers are destined to win Super Bowl 46 and with a healthy squad why shouldn’t they win? Well, to answer that question you have to address concerns on defense. The Packers basically score so many points that nobody has really called out their defensive woes. Let’s be honest here, when you have Rodgers putting up as many points as he has in the NFL regular season, who cares what the Packers defense is doing. However going into the NFL playoffs the Packers better start to care! Nobody can say for sure what will happen in the 2012 NFL playoffs but we will find out soon enough.

Be sure to check back here for the latest NFL online betting odds, picks and predictions for the Packers quest for back-to-back Super Bowls and the best online sportsbooks for NFL betting!

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