NFL Playoffs Betting

The world hasn’t ended so I guess it is safe to move forward with our update on NFL playoff betting!

You all know what time it is, it’s time for NFL Playoffs Betting at the top sports betting sites! When it comes to NFL online betting on the 2013 NFL playoffs betting it is important to look at the NFL playoff picture early on.

The NFL playoffs betting odds are always enticing because the spreads are much smaller than they would be in the regular season. When elite teams play, you may run into situations where the game might be a pick’em or a 1 to 1 and half point spread. When this occurs, the odds makers may be giving a slight edge to the team playing at home. In fact, the statistics will back you up on this if you decide to bet on the home team winning in the NFL playoffs. Up until last season, the home team has won an astonishing 57% of the time during the wild card round of the NFL playoffs. The percentage rises to 63% in the divisional rounds. It seems that betting on the home team in the NFL playoffs may have some sort of positive expectation over the long run for NFL Internet betting.

NFL Playoffs Betting

Betting on the NFL isn’t typically allowed in localities outside of Las Vegas. Most local casinos do not have a sports book. Betting on an online sports book such as makes more sense because you bet as much as you want and you are certain to get as much action as you’d like. Bovada offers parlays, teasers and all of your favorite exotic sports betting options. The NFL playoffs are the most exciting part of the NFL season and you can get in on all of the action by joining up with at the best online sports betting sites.

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