Which NFL Team Will Make it to the Super Bowl 2020?

Looking for NFL team odds for Super Bowl 2020? The NFL is wide open in terms of which team will make it to the Super Bowl in 2020. Most people would suggest that the Rams are the sexy pick to make the SuperBowl. However, there is a phenomon known as the Super Bowl curse which says that teams who lose in the Super Bowl tend to come back the next year and have a down season. This doesn’t seem to apply to Tom Brady but it does seem to apply to other teams throughout the league.

There isn’t a “Curse” so to say, but many NFL teams just lose talent while other teams acquire talent therefore giving the losing division more competition leading into the next season. The unpredictability of the NFL is what makes it so much fun watch.

Super Bowl 2020 NFL Team Odds

NFL Team Super Bowl 2020

NFL team the stand the best chance to make Super Bowl from the NFC include the Saints, Rams and the Bears. Each of these teams feature high powered offenses that will leave other teams in the dust. You can wager on each of these teams in the 10/1 range, demonstrating that it is a true tossup in terms of which teams could win Super Bowl 2020.

If you remember last season, the Bears missed a kick at the end of the game that sealed their playoff fate. Can the Bears recover from such a stroke of bad luck and emerge victorious in Super Bowl 2020? One NFL team in particular, the Saints, are always able to light up the scoreboards. Also, Drew Brees has not missed a step. Every year, sports pundits ask whether or not Drew Brees is past his prime.

It’s pretty clear that Brees will decide to end his career on his own terms. You could flip a coin or shake some dice in order to determine which NFC team will make it to the Super Bowl but according to the online sportsbooks, these three teams have the best shot to make it after the 2019 NFL regular season concludes.

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