NFL Week 1 Online Betting

NFL opening night it still yet away however many football fanatics have already marked the date on their calender and looking forward to some great matchups in NFL Week 1. Who else would you rather see in the first NFL regular season game of the year other than the Baltimore Ravens without Ray Lewis going up against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

The NFL season will kick off its opening night when the Baltimore Ravens hit the road and travel to Denver to take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos. This Thursday night game puts two Super Bowl contenders against each other in the marquis game of the first week of the season. The high emotions involved with the return of the NFL regular season have sports handicappers salivating at the opportunity to make some money on the games. For NFL Week 1 online betting you have to consider what the retirement of Ray Lewis is going to do to the Ravens defense. If you do not yet know how to bet on NFL online then we suggest you make your NFL bets for less and stick to $5-$10 wagers on the Moneyline, and not Point Spread. Many of the top sports betting sites on the Internet have low wagering limits for players who are looking to ease their way into the water.

NFL Week 1 Betting

Betting on the NFL’s opening night is a good way to get your football betting bankroll on an uptick. If you are wondering what site is the best for placing bets on the NFL, you should stop your search and head over to Bovada is a great online sportsbook for placing NFL bets over the Internet as many of our members learned last football season. Bovada is the American facing version of Bodog, which is one of cyberspaces most well-known and reputable sports betting companies. You can begin your football betting bankroll for as little as $20 using your Visa as a deposit method. If you would like to deposit more money than that, you can always setup a cash transfer which will use Western Union or Moneygram and you can use these methods as a withdrawal method should you win some money on this year’s upcoming NFL season.

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