NFL Regular Season Betting

The Washington Redskins could be one of the most controversial football teams in the NFL and the reasoning behind this has nothing to do with anything a Redskin’s player has done on or off the field. The controversy lies within the name “Redskins” as some people have suggested that this name has negative connotations. Regardless of your stance on this issue, the Redskins are currently looking to put off the field matters to the side and focus on an NFL Super Bowl championship.

The Redskins are quarterbacked by Robert Griffin III which some fans have nicknamed RG3. The Washington Redskins hardnosed approach to football can catapult this team into the playoffs and from there, this team could get lucky and string together some wins and show up as a surprise in the NFL game.

NFL Regular Season Betting

It has been a trend over the past few seasons for the underdog to win the Super Bowl therefore if the Redskins make the Super Bowl, it could be Cinderella story waiting to happen. The Redskins play their home games at FedEx field and the coach of the Redskins is Jay Gruden. The Washington Redskins have 50/1 betting odds placed on them if they were to actually win the Super Bowl.

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