NFL Proposition Bets

Most online sportsbooks have already posted NFL proposition bets for the 2013 NFL regular season with competitive betting odds considering that the NFL regular season is just around the corner. NFL OTA practices have already begun. Over the past few days we have received e-mails about the below question:

What does OTA stand for in NFL

When you hear OTA during sports news broadcasts it refers to Organized Team Activities during the off-season. All NFL teams have already begun their OTA’s which means NFL players have reported to camp. This is why NFL prop bets are already online. Prop bets are a fun way to keep a sporting season fun. NFL fans love to bet on props because it is an interesting way to follow the game as opposed to just sports betting on the money line or the point spread. What is an example of a prop bet that you may encounter?

“Which receiver will record more receptions?”

Andre Johnson (+120)
Calvin Johnson (-120)

NFL Proposition Bets

The negative value in parenthesis denotes the favorite in the prop bet and the number with a minus sign indicates the amount it takes to bet in order to win $1. The number beside Andre Johnson means that he is an underdog in this matchup and that a $1 bet on him will net a return of $1.20 should he win the prop bet. If these types of bets interest you, you are in luck because and Bodog are the world’s premier leaders in setting up prop bets for every sport including the NFL. In fact, you can see prop bets being published each week in order to drum up betting action on Bovada. If you have never bet on NFL props, it’s time to get an account at Bovada and divulge into he world of NFL Prop Bets.

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