NFL Betting Weekly Recap

Below is a NFL Betting Weekly Recap of our Week 1 Picks.

You can always expect a shootout to take place when the Seahawks and the Cardinals meet up. The Arizona Cardinals look to establish Kevin Kolb as their permanent quarterback this season as he and Larry Fitzgerald look to get on the same page and become a duo to be reckoned with in this league. The Seahawks look to shore up their defense with many of their draft picks. As of now, the starting QB for the Seahawks is Tavaris Jackson.

Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Seahawks, is entering a make or break year regarding his job. If Carroll puts together another disappointing season as Seahawks coach, this may be his last season coaching in the NFL. The success of this season will define the future of the Seahawks franchise. The Cardinals are in a similar situation except their coach, Ken Wisenhunt, has taken the Cardinals to the Superbowl before therefore the Cardinals just need to establish the quarterback position and enhance their defensive line so that they can be the number one contenders to win the division title again.

This game will weed out the pretenders of the NFC West division and show you who the real contender is. With the Rams being upgraded and the 49ers looking to be in Superbowl form already, this game could tell us a lot about the future of this division. This game takes place at University of Phoenix stadium near Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday September 9th at 4:25PM EST for your NFL bets when it comes to NFL online betting.

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