NFL Betting Strategies How to Find a Trend

Ahead of NFL Week 3 we are going to be looking at NFL betting strategies today. One of the best things about the NFL is that there seems to be stats available for any aspect of the game. Best of all, online sportsbooks give you the ability to bet on various outcomes of the game. Allowing you to parlay your opinions into cold hard cash. The best way to gain an edge on the sportsbook is to diligently look for trends that others might be missing.

Let’s brainstorm the various ways professional handicappers use stats to get an advantage at the sportsbook. Ready?

Handicapping a Coaches In-Game Strategy:

Some coaches purposely play the first half of their games conservatively. This so that they can get their opponents to show their hand in the 2nd half. Other teams seem to be able to adjust accordingly. Also, play a better in the 2nd half. Other teams may find a flaw in their opponent’s defense and simply continue to exploit this flaw over and over.

Top NFL Betting Strategies This Season

NFL Betting Strategies Online

Getting into the head of an NFL coach is a terrific way to create some betting strategies. Tips that produce winning tickets. Go back and think about what a coach is trying to accomplish in each phase of the game. Try to playout some scenarios in terms of how the game plays out. If you are right, you can easily start handicapping specific wagers such as point spread, over/under totals or even who will be ahead at the first half of the game.

You could even find a specific team.  Also, follow that team religiously. Many handicappers focus on a division or a team within that division and listen to every press conference trying to get a hint as to what the game plan might be. Some handicappers suggest some coaches are very open about their intentions because their philosophy is that the opposing team must win the game on the gridiron. Be cognizant of these coaches and think about the various different ways you can use these insights to generate a profit each and every week of the NFL season.

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