NFL Bets Online

When it comes to placing your NFL bets online there are many online sports betting sites to choose from. Whether you are a big NFL bettor or just like to dabble in certain NFL matchups and College Football games, the NFL betting site you choose can make a huge difference on how you bet on NFL games. From new player bonuses, betting selections, and wagering odds, many of the top sportsbooks online are nothing alike.

NFL Bets

Take the TopBet Sportsbook for example. TopBet launched last year in 2011 and quickly became the online sports betting site with the highest signup bonus and easiest deposit options. What Top Bet lacks in aesthetic features, they more than make up for with their bonuses. Next up we have the Bovada NFL sportsbook. Bovada may not have huge signup bonuses or even early posted betting odds, but the Bovada Customer Service team is hands down the best online sportsbook Customer support team out of any online sports betting site I have ever played at or have heard of. After TopBet and the Bovada sports book we come to the SBG Global sports wagering site. SBG Global may not be much to look at, their bonuses may be weak and have poor customer service, but they have great betting odds and quick payouts which place them in our top 3 sports online betting sites for American players.

After you have chosen an online sportsbook that is worthy of your NFL bets, next is knowing who to bet on, when to bet on them, and how much to place your bets for. We always believe that you should never bet more than 20% of your balance regardless of how much you have in your bankroll and what the game is. Never bet more than 20% of your bank roll on a single betting event. For example, if you deposited $100 with the Bovada Sportsbook and you wanted to bet on the Giants this Sunday, then the maximum you should place on this one Giants game would be $20. Does that make sense? If not please feel free to send over any questions you may have regarding bankroll management when placing your NFL bets online. We want to remind you that NFL online betting is a great pastime, don’t ruin it by losing your shirt!

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