New York Jets At Philadelphia Eagles

Preseason Week 4: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles will kickoff on Thursday, August 30th at 6:35 PM EST in Philadelphia where we don’t expect to see much Brotherly Love in this Week 4 NFL preseason matchup.

The Jets and Eagles are two teams that share many similarities yet have obvious differences on and off the field. Each team’s fans are known for their stadium antics and rowdy nature throughout each and every game. This preseason face off between the Jets and the Eagles will happen on Thursday August 30th 2012 at 6:35PM EST in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field. There are two major story lines in the game.

NFL Wagering

How will Tim Tebow handle the Eagles beastly defensive line? Can Tebow out scramble this athletic group of sack artists or will Tebow show off his matured throwing motion and make big time connections to his Jets receivers during crunch time. Tim Tebow is always a storyline regardless of his number on the depth chart. Tim Tebow is a winner and he should light a fire underneath Mark Sanchez and motivate Sanchez to perform better on the field.

How does this help the Eagles? If the Eagles can get aggressive early and get in Sanchez’s head, they have a good shot at winning this football game and going into the regular season on a positive note. Many sports books have the Eagles as an upset pick to win the Superbowl at around 18/1. If the Eagles win this game, it could give them the momentum to be successful in the regular season. When it comes to NFL wagering we like the Topbet Sportsbook because they have the best competitive betting odds when it comes to NFL betting.

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