New England Patriots Regular Season Prep

The New England Patriots have dealt with more than their fair share of bad news in the off-season but come NFL regular season Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will be looking to put all that behind them. We are sure that today you will spend most of your day watching College Football with pretty much every decent College Football team in action today, but if you do get a chance to come up for air you can check out the latest NFL and College Football odds at the Bovada Sportsbook which is known primarily for NFL betting, but also offer every type of College Football betting type imaginable.

On July 24th, the Patriots held their first conference in which head coach Bill Bellichick decided to address the tragic Aaron Hernandez situation. The Patriots are known for their abilities to preserve and move on even while undergoing a lot of turnover on their roster. As long as Tom Brady is behind center, the New England Patriots will have a chance to win the Super Bowl. While the tragedy may hang over the heads of the Patriots during the offseason, it will be interesting to see if the on-the-field product differs from the same sort of consistency we’ve seen in years past.

NE Patriots Betting

The Patriots preseason games will likely showcase many of the draft picks that New England utilized during this offseason. Jamie Collins was selected in the 2nd round and he will be an outside linebacker for the Pats. The Super Bowl is always within reach for the Pats but this season will prove to be extremely interesting with the emergence of new power house teams in the AFC. The best part about this upcoming season is all of the sports betting action you will get from teams like the Patriots. If you would like to bet on NFL point spreads, hit up for all the hottest online sports betting action.

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