Joe Burrow Waiting to Sign Bengals Contract

Cincinnati Bengals rookie quarterback Joe Burrow hasn’t signed a contract with the team. This since he was selected with the number one overall pick in last month’s NFL draft. What’s Bengals contract?

Even though he is eager to sign a deal with the team, Burrow hasn’t signed the deal. For the reason that he is being cautious due to the spread of the coronavirus. Really?

Yes. “We’re just waiting to see what happens over the next three months. Because we really don’t know.” Burrow said Friday on the “Pardon my Take” podcast.

When he eventually signs the new deal, Burrow is projected to receive a $23.9 million signing bonus from the Bengals. Talk about a huge bonus!

Like Burrow, other high first-round picks are expected to take longer to sign than usual this year. Furthermore, because of the pandemic and the potential revenue losses that could result.

Will Joe Burrow Sign Bengals Contract?

Joe Burrow Bengals Contract

Even though there is no concern that any of the deals won’t eventually get done. It is possible that some would want to hold on to signing bonus money a little bit longer than they would in a normal year due to the uncertainty with teams as they build their budgets with the potential for lost stadium and TV revenue in mind.

Firstly, Burrow’s contract situation hasn’t affected his preparation for the upcoming season. During a virtual teleconference with local reporters on Friday, head coach Zac Taylor said the team worked with the rookies last weekend. Instead of the traditional minicamp, for instance.

Secondly, Burrow was drafted #1. “We got three days with the rookies,” Taylor said, “so we got a chance to bring them up to speed on the things they’ve missed the week before with the veterans.” Many are also concerned when the season will start, for example. Will it be on time?

For his part, Burrow is glad that the draft is over. Also, is more than ready to get on the field.

“It was more along the lines of relief, you know, ‘I’m glad this is over, let’s finally start to get back to football,'” Burrow said on the podcast. “Instead of talking, we can get back on the field. Hopefully soon.”

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