Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Odds

The Indianapolis Colts are a team that have a history of having potent and lethal offensive attacks. These attacks formerly led by the likes of Eric Dickerson, then Payton Manning, and now being led by a Stanford Graduate, Andrew Luck.

The Coach

The Colts chief play caller, Chuck Pagano, a position he has held since 2012, since he left as the Defensive Coordinator for the Ravens. With Chuck Pagano’s tenure as head coach of the Colts, he is currently supporting a record of 41-23 with three playoff appearances. This man on the sideline makes the Colts a championship caliber only with his determination of leadership.

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Odds

The Odds in front of this team to make a Super Bowl LI appearance is always favorable under the leadership of Andrew Luck and Chuck Pagano. These two men find the way to utilize the talents of Frank Gore, Daniel Anthrop, and Josh Boyce to dominate their opponents through air and ground assaults.

Meanwhile, the online sports books have placed the betting odds on the Colts at 20 to 1. Some of the regular season hurdles that the Colts will have to overcome is a second week battle against Denver, which will be played in the Mile High city.

In addition, the Colts will have their first return to Lambeau Field in week 9, since 2008. However, if these hurdles can be overcome then the Colts stand a great chance of becoming the AFC Champion and providing Pagano his first Super Bowl Appearance.

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