Indianapolis Colts Looking for Breakthrough Season

The Indianapolis Colts have becomes a perennial playoff contender. Although Colts fans have fond memories of Peyton Manning at quarterback, starting quarterback Andrew Luck has impressed, wowed and single handedly won over the Indianapolis fan base. Although the Colts haven’t made it into the Super Bowl with Andrew Luck at quarterback, the sports books believe that the Colts have a 8 and 1 chance of winning the entire enchilada.

Super Bowl XL is a marquis event for the NFL. There’s no doubt that the NFL is easily the most popular sport in the USA and the Super Bowl is one of the most watched events of the year. Super Bowl XL could be the Super Bowl that the Colts breakthrough and win the AFC conference.

Colts owner Jim Irsay is one of the more flamboyant owners of the league. Although some wouldn’t consider him Jerry Jones status, Irsay says that any off field distractions that the Colts have encountered in the offseason will be a non issue. NFL analysts believe that the Colts had an excellent draft. The Colts are always in the playoffs and the AFC South doesn’t seem to hold any real contenders. With so many teams up in the air this year in the AFC, the Colts could become the team to beat.

Indianapolis Colts Betting

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