How To Bet On NFL Games

Today we will be going over how to bet on NFL games for the new NFL bettor that is still trying to get their head around point-spreads and parlay wagering over the Internet. When it comes to NFL online betting you do not need to be a brain surgeon or know anything about rocket science in order to place your bets. You should, however, know that it’s usually a safe bet to stay away from placing wagers on the Miami Dolphins unless the girl below gets named the Dolphins starting quarterback before Sunday. So when you are ready to step into NFL Internet wagering and you are not a Dolphins fan then you need to know which online sports betting sites that are good to place your NFL bets at. Football betting can also refer to soccer bets, but that is not what we are about here. A couple of the sportsbooks we like for NFL betting are the Bovada Sportsbook and TopBet Sportsbook. They both have a 50% signup bonus and similar NFL wagering odds but they differ in wager selections and reputation. We personally believe that the TopBet Sportsbook has a better selection of NFL bets, including their Monday Night Free Bet, but out of the two Bovada has a better reputation and proven Customer Service teams that know their sports betting stuff inside and out.

How to Bet On NFL Games

Betting on NFL games is simple, easy, fun and profitable if you know what you are doing. The first thing you should remember about betting on NFL games is to never bet on the team of which you consider yourself a fan. Betting on sports requires you to remove all emotion from your picks and bet only using hard data presented in front of you when it comes to learning how to bet on NFL games online at the above mentioned NFL betting sites. If you can master this art, you can become a very person just by watching your favorite Sunday afternoon pastime.

If you are new to NFL betting, there are two bets you should be familiar with. The point spread bet and the money line wager. The point spread bet basically says that you can pick a winner and you also get those points given up indicated by the number beside the team. For example, if you see the line: Jets (-4) at Giants, you know that the Jets are a 4 point favorites and in order for you to win a bet placed on the Jets, the Jets would have to win the game by more than 4 points.

The moneyline wager is much simpler to understand. You are betting on the overall winner of the game regardless of point spread. You will get paid odds based on how heavily favored one team is to win over the other. Now that you know how to bet on NFL games, get a Bovada Sportsbook account and begin betting with the most trusted sports betting website on the internet!

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