How to Bet on Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a team in transition. A couple of seasons ago, they selected Blaine Gabbert in the first round to become their starting quarterback. During this preseason, back up quarterback for the Jags Chad Henne says that he will compete for the starting job. Just check out any online sports betting site and you will see how the Jaguars are favored. Regardless of who starts for the Jags, the chances of them winning the Super Bowl are super slim. In fact, if you were to pull open Bovada’s online sports book and look under the Football Futures tab, you’d see the Jags listed at 200/1 odds to win the Super Bowl in 2014.

Jacksonville Jaguars Betting

Although these odds seem insurmountable, it is totally possible that the Jags make a legitimate run for the playoffs. They will have the beat the Texans and Colts in order to compete. When the Jags play their home games for NFL bets, they play them at EverBank Field. Betting the Jaguars to win the Super Bowl may seem like a dumb bet but stranger things have happened and this could be the year the unthinkable happens. If you are a hardcore Jaguars fan, why not place a futures bet in order to profit off of a Jaguars Super Bowl win? We recommend Bovada for NFL online betting because it is the best online sports book for placing bets on the NFL and the Super Bowl.

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