Guide to NFL Betting Online Week 2

Today we sum up an expert guide to NFL betting online for NFL Week 2. The NFL can seem like one of the most unpredictable leagues to handicap each year. With a bit of research, you can beat the online sportsbooks. With sportsbooks offering more betting options than ever, you can bet specific outcomes in games that will keep your bankroll growing throughout the season. You might be wondering, what are some bets that you can add to your 2020 NFL handicapping playbook?

  • Player Prop Bets

With sports betting becoming less taboo in the United States, it isn’t uncommon to turn on your favorite sports radio station and hear the commentators talk about specific prop bet. Instead of betting on point spreads, perhaps you should turn your attention to betting on individual outcomes of player’s statistics. The good thing about this angle is that you can use fantasy sports knowledge that is widely available to your advantage to help you make some of these decisions.

  • Prop Parlay Bets

Not every sportsbook lets you parlay prop bets. At, their innovative sports betting platform lets you parlay individual prop bets in order to multiply your returns.

Updated Guide to NFL Betting Online for NFL Week 2 Games

Guide to NFL Betting Online

Think about this, let’s say you believe Todd Gurley will rush for over 200 yards against a weak rushing defense. You also believe that Cam Newton will rush for over 50 yards as QB. You could parlay these two wagers at BetOnline and multiply your return.

  • Live Sports Betting

One of the most innovative wagering features to become offered to players in recent years is the ability to bet during the course of the game. Various online sportsbooks will allow you to bet on the outcome of a specific play. For example, if its 1st and 10 and you believe your team will run the ball, many sportsbooks will give you live odds if you wish to bet on the specific outcome of a play. Live in-game sports betting options will only mature as the season progresses.

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