FIFA World Cup Future Betting

At times it seems all we do is talk about NFL online betting but today we are going to take a look at the other football, European football to be more precise. The 2013 FIFA World Cup will be hosted in Brazil this year. World Cup betting is just around the corner and if you are new to soccer betting then read closely. Most top sports betting sites have team matchup reports that give you a quick look at both teams with injury reports, betting trends, and other useful sports betting tips to help you place your bets online.

One of the best things about FIFA World Cup betting is that it is pretty easy to pick the winners of the groups because the talent level is so diverse. For example, if you were to log in to an online sports book like Bovada, you’d be able to view the betting odds for each winner of each bracket. In some qualifying groups, there are teams that are virtual locks that you might as well cash in on. One popular team that many think are run away favorites for their bracket is Bosnia currently sitting at 8/15 odds. While you may be getting around .50 cents back on every dollar you bet, what if your bet is clearly a winner. Have you seen Greece and Slovakia on film?

World Cup Betting

While NFL bets and soccer wagers like these stand out as easy money, there are nearly a hundred options available for soccer future betting on When you want to bet the World Cup in 2014, Bovada needs to be the site that you frequent the most. You will get the best experience for your gambling dollar if you bet exclusively at Bovada offers the most props, futures, betting lines and best bonuses of any sports book available to patrons living in the United States. Remember to keep it locked here for all you need to know about the top NFL betting sportsbooks and World Cup wagering predictions.

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